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FaerieWorlds LJ community

Faerieworlds LJ community
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Hey there! Heres a LJ for Faerieworld!
This is for people who've gone, or people who are thinking of going to this event.
Post anything, pictures, stories, coments, and ideas.

While we're not officially associated with FW, I thought it would be nice to get a forum out there for FW folks on LJ.

Note: I belive in free speech. So, say what you will. Something you liked about FW? Write it down! Something you didn't like? Write it down! Comments? Critiques? Go for it!
This is a place for ideas.

However, Spamming, and Flamming will not be tolerated. You will be warned, and your post deleted if you do these things. People will not always agree, thats fine. Stay civil or stay away. :)

Last thing. This is the LJ community, not the Official FW Forums. Please keep the two seperate. No name calling. :)